Building Acoustics by Marc Asselineau

By Marc Asselineau

This publication is dedicated to functional construction and room acoustics, illustrated via a variety of examples. It introduces the fundamentals for the several experts in a layout staff and for the customer and courses them within the drawing up of good acoustic requisites. The publication is usually written for non-specialists and offers an overview of power difficulties indicates what to contemplate ahead of and empower its readers to



This ebook is dedicated to useful construction and room acoustics, illustrated via a number of examples. It introduces the fundamentals for different experts in a layout crew and for the buyer and courses them within the drawing up of brilliant acoustic necessities. The e-book can be written for non-specialists and offers an overview of power difficulties exhibits what to think about prior to and empower its readers to specific their must a consultant advisor and to prevent the worst pitfalls.

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The specification books had clearly indicated both a maximum sound level value in the room and a maximum sound power level for the equipment. Similarly, the HVAC engineer had stated thermal requirements on those units. Accordingly, the contractor was required to produce an acoustic test report of his equipment. Looking at the measurement results, it turned out that thermal and acoustic measurements had not been performed at the same laboratory. This rang a bell in the engineer’s mind, and it was quickly found that the acoustic measurements had not been performed under the required thermal load.

Lesson Learned: Aside from the usual regulations, one does have to take into account jurisprudence. 1 Purpose Acoustic measurements are needed to characterize the acoustic properties of materials, assemblies, or equipment. According to the required accuracy, various methods are available. , for certain dimensions and construction scheme of a material, even sometimes for specific time spans). , type, dimensions, environment of the sample) is simply useless! A so-called measurement report made of a simple numerical value or graphic must not be accepted.

Whenever a new material must be introduced by the user, it is wise to do so by modifying an as similar as possible material. , global sound insulation between the two rooms of interest, plus sound insulation through each main path). This helps identify which component needs urgent improvement. 3 Which Insulation for Which Use? Here are a few sound insulation ranges of sound insulation values that can normally be experienced: • Between offices with removable partitions: 25–35 dB. (Note: 30 dB is considered by several standards to be the minimum sound insulation value required to allow two 14 Building Acoustics of the same kind of activities to be carried out in two adjacent rooms.

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