Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (Osprey Production Line to by Michael O'Leary

By Michael O'Leary

Developed from a pre-war prototype designed through Seattle-based Boeing, the B-17 went directly to turn into the icon of the USAAF in the course of international battle II, discovering employment in all theaters. via a variety black-and-white photos taken through the struggle, this quantity indicates the bomber on creation strains and acting lots of its diversified operations within the war-torn skies over Germany and the Pacific.A precise eight-page part offers a different slice of interval colour within the kind of numerous corporation ads that experience no longer been noticeable in print because the battle. complete appendices contain construction batch lists of plane developed through the conflict years and their supply dates, scale drawings of all significant kinds, and a double-page cutaway. a distinct introductory textual content outlines B-17 background and construction thoughts.

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