Black Bag Jobs by Gareth Hanrahan

By Gareth Hanrahan


The Laundry – holding the uk from the scum of the multiverse. more often than not, saving the area is a nine to five activity. Clock in each morning. suppose your lifestyles tick away with each one assembly and every unnecessary little bit of forms. Stare at a display and consider your mind leaking out via your ears. attempt to maintain the boredom from killing you. Clock out within the night and slouch home.

It's by no means reliable once they name you into the place of work at 4 within the morning. Any undertaking that doesn't healthy at the typical day planner is necessarily ghastly. They contain issues with too many tentacles, those that are looking to kill you, and secrets and techniques that suggest you'll by no means sleep good back. hold your mouth close and your head down, and also you may simply make it during the evening. Screw up, and it's solely attainable you simply doomed humanity to a destiny worse than death.

No pressure.

Black Bag Jobs includes six self-contained missions on your Laundry crusade. From the war-torn hillsides of Afghanistan to the corridors of strength in Whitehall, from yoga classes in Devon to the tip of the realm, it's time to damage in and thieve the secrets and techniques of truth, like:

  • The fact approximately social networking
  • How to weaponize a shoggoth
  • Management secrets and techniques of the timeless priests
  • What the Auditors fear
  • How to organize for the apocalypse
  • … and what occurs after.
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    Angleton’s Assignment Angleton hauls a young man in from the corridor and sits him down in the seat vacated by Holt. The young man wears a hangdog expression and the overwhelming impression is that of a naughty schoolboy, with Angleton playing the part of demon headmaster. Angleton scribbles a vastly more powerful privacy rune on a sheet of paper, spits on it—his saliva is black as tar and steams slightly—and glues the paper to the back of the door. ‘Gentlemen. ’ On being told that Stanley Gubbins and the rest of RASIP are stuck in their offices due to a security problem, he sighs a deep and gusty sigh, one that conveys fatalistic acceptance that once more, humanity has failed and he must again shoulder the burden.

    Renne’s Office During the struggle with Gubbins, the Player Characters may spot Diana Renne’s name on the office next to the director’s office. Renne’s office is piled high with unfiled papers and coffee cups—she has a crippling caffeine addiction—but if anyone searches through the pile, they find a pair of enchanted goggles. These are the counterpart to Renne’s cloak of invisibility (every cloak has a matching set of goggles, after an embarrassing incident where a dozen invisibility cloaks were lost because someone put them down somewhere and no-one could see them).

    Lost and Found works with any level of Laundry employee, although they should have a modicum of social and investigative skills. Ask the players how their characters plan on wasting the day—reading restricted files? Playing Facebook games? Summoning horrors from beyond the wall of sleep? Napping? 1. Just Another Day Working in the Laundry, you need to learn the plural of apocalypse. You need to learn distinctions between different grades and types of world-ending disaster. This one wipes out all life as we know it on Earth; this one collapses the false vacuum and reality winks out in the blink of an eye and that one means the things behind the walls crawl out and devour our brains.

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