Biopsy Interpretation of the Lung by Saul Suster MD, Cesar A. Moran MD

By Saul Suster MD, Cesar A. Moran MD

Biopsy Interpretation of the Lung aids pathologists in correctly comparing sickness approaches. It contains exact chapters on interstitial lung illness, lung melanoma, and neuroendocrine tumors. prepared by way of conventional sickness teams, Biopsy Interpretation of the Lung offers an excellent method of formulating surgical and clinical judgements.  

This textual content is aimed at surgical pathologists, pathology citizens, pathology fellows, pulmonologists, pulmonology fellows, and thoracic surgeons, and comprises the most recent info at the most sensible use of immunohistochemical markers, unique stains, and molecular assays to help in additional exact and cost effective diagnoses.

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However, destruction of bronchial walls by necrotizing granulomas, especially when containing prominent eosinophils, should raise the suspicion of this condition and prompt further clinical studies and special stains to rule out organisms. HYPERSENSITIVITY PNEUMONITIS Hypersensitivity pneumonitis, also known as extrinsic allergic alveolitis (EAA), represents an allergic response of the small airways and lung parenchyma to various inhaled organic antigens. The most well-known examples are farmer’s lung, caused by sensitivity to thermophilic actinomycetes, and pigeon breeder or “bird fancier” lung, caused by inhalation of avian antigens.

17). 15 Response to chronic inflammation characterized by bronchiolitis obliterans showing constrictive pattern of fibrosis and inflammation around the lumen of a small bronchiole. 16 Interstitial fibrosis resulting from chronic lung injury. Notice thickening of alveolar walls by interstitial collagen deposition. 17 Bronchiolar metaplasia (“lambertosis”) in chronic lung injury characterized by replacement of the alveolar lining by columnar, ciliated bronchiolar epithelium. INFLAMMATORY LUNG CONDITIONS 33 canals of Lambert that normally connect the bronchioles with the alveoli, hence the alternate designation of “lambertosis” for this phenomenon.

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