At the Court of King Minos (Puffin Adventure Gamebooks) by John Butterfield, David Honigmann, Philip Parker, Daniel

By John Butterfield, David Honigmann, Philip Parker, Daniel Woods

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A69 You find the jarand rush backwith rt to Karl-Heinz the Alchemist. 'Wonderful,' he says, grabbing it with glee. 'You gulp down the evil-smelling, thick green sludgehe glvesyou. It is utterly disgusting and gives you severe stonach qamps; lose 4 STAMINApoints. But after resting fot a while, you find that it has worked - no more (Major) Lycanthropy Affliction! You thank the Alchemist for his help and return to the coryidor, north of the entrancehall. From here, willyou: Open the north door? Tum to 332 Open the west door?

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