Arms, Armies and Fortifications in the Hundred Years War by Anne Curry, Michael Hughes

By Anne Curry, Michael Hughes

The Hundred Years struggle embraced conflict in all points, from the grand set items of Crecy and Agincourt to the pillaged lands of the dispossessed inhabitants. What makes this ebook diverse from prior reviews emphasising the good battles is its use of much less regular proof, comparable to administrative documents and panorama archaeology, to realize a more true photo of the realities of medieval conflict. From a normal overview of conflict strategies, the booklet turns to ascertain (at issues enlisting computing device research) a couple of matters: the composition of the English military, the administration of affairs in Aquitaine, the reaction in England at huge to the warfare and the resultant propaganda and difficulty, and the effect of conflict on neighborhood groups. shut learn of surviving artefacts - guns, fortifications - additionally permits practical exams of army and naval studies.

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It seems that on most occasions the English took care to protect their front with ditches or potholes, suggesting that they did not trust to hold off an enemy by 16 Comparison with warfare in the same area of Flanders in the eighteenth century is instructive, especially the campaign and battle of Malplaquet, 1709; see D. Chandler, Marlborough as Military Commander (London, 1973), esp. p. 253ff for the construction of an abbatis in wooded ground. A. Fowler, 'News from the Front: Letters and Despatches of the Fourteenth Century', in Guerre et Société en France, en Angleterre et en Bourgogne xivexve siècle (Lille, 1991), ed.

1898, revised and enlarged 1924). This work has also been reprinted recently (1991), although it badly needs updating. Page 4 could be brought to bear. The English archer formations flanking their men-at-arms in Burne's reconstruction perform the same role. This serves to confirm the eternal British-French stereotypes as well. 8 A brief survey of archery tactics in the 'English' tradition may help to set the subject in context. 9 A detailed account of the Battle of the Standard, fought between a northern English host and invading Scots near Northallerton in 1138, places alternating bow and spearmen in the English line.

The level of diplomacy, of political manoeuvering. 2. The organisation of forces, how they were raised and paid for. 3. Logistics, that is the movement and supply of these forces. 4. Strategy, both overall and specific to theatre. 5. Operational or campaign strategy involving chevauchée, sieges and battle-seeking or avoiding courses of action. 6. Tactics, or close-range manoeuvre and use of troops and their weapons. 7. Individual acts of bravery (the aspect usually celebrated by a chronicler like Froissart).

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