Anglo-Saxon Thegn 449 - 1066 Ad by Mark Harrison

By Mark Harrison

The cave in of Roman rule in Britain was once now not a lot a unexpected disaster as a protracted and drawn-out decline. The 'Celtic' Britons retreated progressively to the highland components of Wales, Cornwall and the south-west of Scotland. keep watch over of the fertile jap lowlands used to be misplaced to warriors of Germanic beginning who migrated from the Continent. those Germanic conquerors became identified to background because the 'Anglo-Saxons'. They have been to dominate the lowland sector of england until eventually their ultimate defeat at Hastings in 1066. This identify supplies an perception into the standard lifestyles, apparatus, gown, conflict strategies and existence on crusade of the common Anglo-Saxon warrior of this era – the thegn.

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Unfortunately, once airborne, things began to unravel quickly. Of the trio, only one B-29 actually got through to the Yalu River—once there, it not only lost control of its guided bomb, missing the target, but also sustained such extensive damage from defenders that it was forced to divert to the nearest American base following the attack. Of the remaining two, a broken 40 / Chapter 3 oil line forced one to abort and return to base, while the other suffered the worst fate of all. Crippled prior to reaching Sinuiju, the group commander’s aircraft limped out over Korea Bay for an attempted ditching in the Yellow Sea.

Because it played a pioneering The Roots of Precision Guidance / 17 role in the transition from preprogrammed to interactively guided munitions, ushering in the technique of radio control, it deserves to be examined in greater detail. What was most remarkable about the Kettering Bug was its simplicity. The ¤nished product resembled a small biplane without cockpit or landing gear (unnecessary because the Bug was launched pilotless from a dolly on a metal track), measuring twelve feet in length and ¤fteen in wingspan (Figure 1).

Azon—an acronym deriving from this bomb’s single-coordinate control in azimuth only—was but one of the many guided bombs developed during the war under the auspices of the National Defense Research Committee (NDRC), a subdivision of the well-known Of¤ce of Scienti¤c Research and Development (OSRD). 69 Without discounting the importance of the NDRC’s other wartime contributions, Azon stands out as its most important achievement for several reasons. First, it was the only guided bomb successfully ¤elded by the United States in large numbers during World War II.

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