Advanced Carbon Materials and Technology by Ashutosh Tiwari, S. K. Shukla

By Ashutosh Tiwari, S. K. Shukla

The growth of carbon fabrics is multidisciplinary and is expounded to physics, chemistry, biology, technologies and engineering. The learn on carbon fabrics has often all for facets of primary physics as they specific electric, thermal and mechanical houses appropriate for the diversity of functions. The electrons in graphene and different derived carbon fabrics behave as dirac fermions because of their interplay with the ions of the lattice. This course has resulted in the invention of recent phenomena reminiscent of Klein tunneling in carbon dependent stable nation structures and the so-called half-integer quantum corridor impact.

Advanced Carbon fabrics and Technology provides state of the art chapters at the processing, houses and technological advancements of graphene, carbon nanotubes, carbon fibers, carbon debris and different carbon established buildings together with multifunctional graphene sheets, graphene quantum dots, cumbersome balls, carbon balls, and their polymer composites.

This publication brings jointly revered overseas students writing at the cutting edge methodologies and methods followed in carbon fabrics learn region including

  • Synthesis, characterization and functionalization of carbon nanotubes and graphene
  • Surface amendment of graphene
  • Carbon dependent nanostructured materials
  • Graphene and carbon nanotube dependent electrochemical (bio)sensors for environmental monitoring
  • Carbon catalysts for hydrogen garage materials
  • Optical carbon nanoobjects
  • Graphene and carbon nanotube dependent biosensors
  • Carbon doped cryogel films
  • Bioimpact of carbon nanomaterials
  • Photocatalytic nature of carbon nanotube dependent composites
  • Engineering habit of ash fills
  • Fly ash syntactic foams microstructure

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