Ada, a life and a legacy by Stein D.

By Stein D.

During this engrossing biography, Dorothy Stein strips away the various layers of fable to bare a narrative way more dramatic and engaging than prior bills have indicated

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Ada, a life and a legacy

During this engrossing biography, Dorothy Stein strips away the various layers of delusion to bare a narrative way more dramatic and interesting than past debts have indicated

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But the bishops intervened and forbade him, insisting that he should undertake teaching, then after a while they elected him Catholicos, exhorting him to counteract the threatened encroachment of Monophysite propaganda. His first task was to restore discipline in the church, then he turned to the promotion of scholarship and especially to the study of Aristotelian logic. To further this he founded a school at Seleucia, for there seems no basis for a legend which claims an earlier foundation for that school, and this school of Seleucia had a reputable history, but it never became a serious rival to the older school at Nisibis which remained the central university of Nestorian Christianity.

Like the Hellenistic Jews the Christians used the Old Testament only in its Greek version, and the earlier formulation of its doctrine was expressed in terms borrowed from Greek plfflosophy. Thus from the beginning the Christian Church was shaped to be the teacher of Greek intellectual culture as well as of evangelical doctrine. Later, when controversies arose within the Church, these too were expressed in Greek philosophical terms and fought out according to philosophical principles. Religion may be concerned only with ritual, which is the case with most primitive religions, concerned only with sacrifices and the due performance of sacred rites.

In that soon afterwards. 449, the year there was a popular outbreak against Barsauma demanding his expulsion from the city. He was a leading and very contentious Nestorian. There was a strong anti-Nestorian minority at Edessa: it has been suggested that the school was Nestorian, the people generally were not, but this is dubious. ✚ ✍ ☎ ✂ ✕ ✹ ✁ ☞ ✁ ✝ ✜ 451, Hibha was restored to office by the Council of Chalcedon, probablv Barsauma was restored at the same time. 457, Hibha died and his successor Nonnus enforced the Chalcedonian decrees, dealing harshly with the Nestorians.

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