A history of the world in 100 weapons by Chris McNab

By Chris McNab

Now on hand in a memento variation, this hugely illustrated giftbook exhibits the development of weapon expertise during the ages.

From army heritage experts Osprey Publishing, A heritage of the realm in a hundred guns tells the tales of the hundred definitive guns whose results were the main innovative, altering the way in which struggle is waged and the very international we are living in. From the gladius of historical Rome to the AK-47, all a hundred are printed in an array of luxurious colour images and modern pictures. Compiled with the help of many of the prime army historians, this revised quantity finds not just the weapon itself yet who wielded it and the place, in actual fact explaining the blow-by-blow increase of army know-how and services around the ages.

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The wind. It must also be remembered that maritime conflict in the Mediterranean was largely a matter of coastal engagements, often precipitated when In combat, the trireme had two main weapons - ramming and boarding - although the emphasis varied according to the nationality of the combatants. A typical Athenian trireme ram was a bronze-sheathed wooden projection jutting out from the an invasion fleet met a defensive flotilla along a bows at the waterline. Weighing some 4401b (200kg), it was city-state's coastline.

In essence, here was one of the earliest flamethrowers. How it worked is educated conjecture, but the substance was probably heated in a metal tank, raising its pressure before the siphon valve was opened to release and ignite the fluid. Effective range could have been as much as 49ft (15m). OPPOSITE: Greek Fire was widely adopted by all combatant armies throughout the medieval period, including Saracen forces. This image shows a reported divine intervention when a change of wind saves Crusader soldiers and blows back the Greek Fire on the Saracen army.

This clash was known as othismos - a "shoving (7m) long. Alexander's troops were also professional soldiers, match" - perfectly encapsulating this form of warfare. properly drilled and trained. In the 2nd century BC, the PHALANX VICTORIES phalanx showed its limitations against the Romans, who utilized maneuver, firepower, and rough terrain to break up Life inside the phalanx was claustrophobic and brutal, but in the phalanx's tight formation, which then left it vulnerable to the hands of a skilled commander the formation was also sword-wielding Romans.

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