A History of the Early Church to AD 500 by John William Charles Wand

By John William Charles Wand

Dr Wand's vintage therapy of the early church is concise, finished and uses professional treatises. The corporation of fabric and lucid type make available what's from time to time a posh topic. furthermore, the booklet is filled with vignettes of favourite personages and curious goods of information.Interesting and informative, A background of Early Church caters for the final reader with an curiosity in background in addition to the non secular stories pupil fow whom it really is largely meant.

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An past, self-described "very conservative evangelical" reviewer criticized the essays during this assortment for his or her "questionable" liberal conclusions. it really is curious how varied humans can learn an analogous textual content and arrive at varied conclusions. my very own interpreting of this anthology is that the essays attempt (perhaps overly a lot, in truth) to stick in the course of the line.

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Others. as well as the loads of recent signed articles on a large choice of subject matters, this new version additionally positive factors biographies of latest spiritual figures; hundreds of thousands of images, maps and illustrations; and up to date bibliographical citations. The fifteenth quantity is a cumulative index to the full encyclopedia.

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With the above passages should be compared the following: ‘Elect therefore for yourselves bishops and deacons worthy of the Lord, men meek and not covetous, and true and approved: for they also minister unto you the ministry of the prophets and teachers. ’ This presumably reflects a state of things in which the ministry of bishops and deacons has not yet as much prestige in the popular estimation as that of the prophets and teachers. Professor Harnack, believing that it is in the light of such passages that we should interpret the two well-known lists given by S.

This movement was the last effort of Hebrew prophecy to stem the corruption of the Chosen People and to recall them to a sense of the spiritual issues of their destiny. As we may judge from the case of Apollos, if not from that of the Mandaeans, it achieved some success even beyond the limits of Palestine. Nevertheless it proved ready to merge itself in the greater movement for which it had done so much to prepare the way. How serious had been the need for such a reformation can be seen at once from a glance at the religious and social conditions of Palestine.

ARIAN CONTROVERSY COUNCILS 279 ADDITIONAL NOTES 281 INDEX 289 MAPS (at end of book) THE CHURCH IN THE ROMAN EMPIRE PATRIARCHATES FROM 451 BARBARIANS c. 500 Page x This page intentionally left blank. D. 500 Page xii This page intentionally left blank. Page 1 CHAPTER I THE ENVIRONMENT CHRISTIANITY in history may be studied as a form of C-religious belief, as a system of ethics, as a mode of worship, or as an inspiration that changed the fashions of art and life through many centuries. Each of these aspects of the subject must find some place even in so slight a sketch as the present.

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