52 Boredom Busters for Kids by Lynn Gordon, Karen Johnson

By Lynn Gordon, Karen Johnson

Jam-packed with inventive feedback for either indoor and outside actions, this illustrated deck will supply idea whilst boredom moves. try out Treasure Hunt, mystery Writings, technological know-how Cubes, and Nature Wind Chimes. excellent for any day—rain or shine—these playing cards will preserve youngsters engaged and entertained.

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Draw the plans for the tree house on paper, noting the rooms and layout. It may look like a huge mansion with many rooms, or maybe yours is smaller but more difficult to access. When your floor plan is complete, try to make a model of the tree house using craft sticks, cardboard, tape, and other found materials. Try to get it to look just like your written plans for the dream tree house. Use fabric scraps and markers to decorate the finished product. A cardboard tube can be used as a tree-when the model is complete, secure it onto the tube using tape.

To color eggs, add the food coloring to the raw eggs, mix thoroughly, and then scramble. To make colored pancakes, add the color to the batter, mix well, and then cook as normal. Try a variety of colors. Color individual pancakes by adding the coloring to a small amount of batter at a time. Try coloring foods all the same color for a special day (such as red for Valentine’s Day or green for St. Patrick’s Day). Silly Songfest Play this game with at least one other friend: Each person picks a song to sing.

Fold a paper towel: Squares, triangles, and accordion pleats will all produce different interesting patterns. Dip the corners into the colors. Try dipping each corner into a different color. Crumple it and dip the edges of the crumpled ball. Unfold the paper towel to see the design. Let it dry and use it for wrapping paper. Or cut out shapes, punch a hole in the top, and hang it with string from the ceiling or a window. Treasure Hunt Materials: A “treasure” to be found; Paper for clues; Pen or pencil Pick a treasure, such as a piece of candy or a book.

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