49 explosive games for the ZX-81

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You're fiddling with the large boys now, Keeper. This ebook delivers all of the side you'll ever need!

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LET E=0: L ET W=0: LET U=0: LET D =O 999 GO SUB LOC-*3: PRINT ' "E};IT5=:• • "'("NORTH " AND N. ; ( . 3 3 THEN P PINT "THE TR O L L L E P-? PT OUT R N D SM RSHED MY SKULL. ": GO T O 9000 1008 IF LOC=39 A1=iD NOT DOG AND R ND> . IF R$= 'GET- O P A$= "TAKE" T M Ç-}-J Gt^ TO 2100 11002 IF R$=-DROP- OR R$=-PUT" T H EN GO TO 220s^^ 11 . 10 IF R$=-KILL- THEN GO TO 230 1120 IF R$=-OPEN" THEN GO TO 240 0 1130 IF R$= -CROSS" THEN GO T O 25 00 1140 IF R$=-UNLOCK". “ . ": GO TO C 2330 PRINT ""WELL DONE.

GO SUB 8400: PAPER 0: CLS 9260 PRINT "The doors are locked 3270 and can — only be opened if got, possess a matchin g ke g ,which er e littered around the Labyrinth. " 9370 PRINT INK 7 —You maw specif y the size of mazeto be used,the targest maze wititake up to 20 minutes to producewhiLe the smak. -----. --- 100 101 Gold Rush Your task in this game, written by Neil Pellinacci, is to carry six sacks of gold from a bank vault to a safe. The vault and safe are separated by a river. The river can be crossed via a network of small dams, which are built across it.

1U SURE? " THEN GO TC] 900 ^-^ 2 0 GO TO C g 000 INPUT "DO YOUU àN RNT TO PLR`:' R'-RIN? `(/N" LINE Çfi$: IF R$=THEN GO TO sLeo 9010 IF R$ (F 's ="i•d" THEN STOP 9020 RUN 900 Doors of Doom f This is a masterpiece program by Malcolm Young which will well reward the time it will take you to type the whole thing in. This graphic Adventure is based around the maze routine at lines 1000 to 1400. The routine starting at line 2000 handles the graphics. When Malcolm started writing the program, he had intended it to be simply a 3D Maze program.

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