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From the bestselling writer of The  Carousel and Daybreak  comes a stirring, well timed tale of adultery and its  impact at the American  family. Margaret and Adam Crane appear to have a close to perfect  life--she's a instructor, he is a working laptop or computer government, and  together they're lovingly elevating their own  children and Margaret's orphaned niece.

Shoulda Been A Cowboy (Rough Riders #7)

The larger they're, the tougher they fall—in love. Soldier Cameron McKay has chanced on his area of interest, and it ain’t ropin’ steers and wearin’ spurs. His deputy sheriff task, plus conflict accidents that ended his army profession, retain him correct the place he desires to be: Off the ranch and clear of his family’s pity. His darkest conflict thoughts are on lockdown, leaving him skeptical he’ll ever discover a girl who desires a guy who’s lower than entire.

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A man had to find out for himself.  He placed it on Zeke’s turntable and manually lowered the stylus to the beginning of track five, the last track on side one. As he sat back down on the lounge and took the loaded pipe from Zeke, his emotions rose as Van Morrison’s poetry filled the smoky air.  He knew deep down that if a man didn’t feel totally committed to the quest, he would fail. He knew that to stop half way, having been witness to only a fraction of the hidden truth, to turn back due to fear, would mean a fate far worse than death.

He perceived that he was looking at his universe expressing herself for him. She was gushing love, embracing him, sometimes like a mother, sometimes like a lover.  It was a place where she secretly made love to him and filled him with ecstasy and wonder.  He rose to his feet in rhythm with the wave and eyed down the steep wall in front of him.  He 34 was in perfect trim, with his longboard planing frictionlessly on top of the fluid curve, as the clean curl pitched over his head. Instinctively, just at this most intense and critical moment, he relaxed and adopted a stylish stance of total resignation to fate as he allowed himself to be completely covered by the tube.

They don’t want to understand em, that’s why they came up with the bullshit big bang. They just can’t cope with somethin existin without it havin begun. They can’t deal with that. An they can’t deal with somethin existin forever, without an end.  But the ultimate reality is this, only truth is real, only truth exists, an the lie, the big bullshit lie can’t exist, it doesn’t exist … actually, it does, but only as an idea. I’ve seen jokers kid emselves right out of their own minds and take thousands of gullible drongos with em.

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